Pricing that SELLS

So, you want to sell your house?  THE most important part of attracting ready, willing & able buyers is CORRECT pricing!  No amount of marketing gimmicks, property flyers and post cards, open houses and networking will sell your house if it is not priced appropriately!!  Don’t be the highest bidder on your own property!

At Broughton Agency, we structure a winning marketing plan, proven to achieve the highest possible price for your house.  We understand the vicious cycle sellers and agents can walk into by “testing” the waters with a higher price, when the comparables just don’t support it.  It goes something like this:

The Vicious Over-Pricing Cycle

Agent and Seller agree to throw a higher price out there to see if they will get offers.  They are both excited to get showings and the feedback is positive, except some agents are very honest and report the truth: it’s overpriced.   Nevertheless, stubborn as they may be, they let the days go on, hoping and wishing for the right offer since after all, not ALL the feedback is bad!  After at least a month on the market, the Agent approaches the Seller about a price reduction.  The Seller, reluctantly, but a little worn down, says, “Ok, let’s try it.”  Now the listing has a better price, but the days on market have now accumulated past what similar, more appropriately priced homes, have sold at.  The Seller wonders, “What’s wrong?  Other homes are selling, why isn’t mine?”  The Agent realizes he/she was wrong in taking the listing at the original price, just to get a listing, and knows that it will be an uphill climb from here.  While other houses are still selling, your house is still being shown.  Buyers come through and say, “Wow, this place is nice, but WHY has it been on the market so long?  “There MUST be something WRONG with it!”  And this my friends, is exactly what you DON’T want to hear as a seller!  This is called creating a false stigma against your own house.  Buyers then think they can get a bargain because you MUST be motivated and worn down from sitting and waiting to get it sold.  Some will walk away without even giving an offer a shot, despite the fact they like it, just because the fear of something UNKNOWN being wrong with it is overriding their desire to purchase it; that is the second stigma.  In the end, you’ve dropped your price a couple more times before reluctantly agreeing to a lower offer and the house sells after several long months.  The Agent and Seller shake hands and closing and say, “Well, we did it.”

How do you avoid this long, exhausting, and frustrating scenario?  It’s easy!  Price the property correctly from the start!  Realize, buyers are savvy!  Now more than ever, they have more information at their fingertips and the average buyer shops online for their next house a year before ever stepping foot into a house.  Know they have become familiar with the market, enough to know the difference between an over-priced house and an appropriately priced home.  It becomes obvious to a buyer, very quickly, when they have been looking at several homes and see yours with similar size and style, but it’s priced too high.

Correctly Priced Homes Sell for More in Less Time!

Yes, it’s true.  That’s even more reason to trust our process and KNOW that we advise our sellers on the best price to advertise on the market!  We have assisted hundreds of buyers and sellers and understand buyer psychology.  It doesn’t matter what the market condition is, whether it’s a strong seller’s market or a tough buyer’s market.  You can still over price a home in a seller’s market!  It’s easy to spot the ones that are over-priced–they aren’t selling!  With a correctly priced home, it sells fast, for a great price, and Seller and Agent hug at closing with a large smile, saying, “YES! WE DID IT!!!!”

The difference between, “Well, we did it,” and “YES, WE DID IT!!” can be thousands in your pocket, strong emotions–good or bad, and in the end being happy or not with the sale.

We take the time to show you the details of the market analysis, where similar homes have sold and for how much.  By the end of our appointment, we will have a winning strategy, complete with the best price to attract the right buyers.  We look forward to working with you…and saying, “YES! WE DID IT!!!!”

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