When you’re faced with selling your house, there are lots of things to think about and many to-do lists to conquer through. It’s easy, nonetheless to get overwhelmed. Moreover, with all that’s involved in selling a home, it’s even easier to get confused and frustrated with how to do it. That’s why hiring a Realtor® to work with you is an important decision to make. I will help you in staging and pricing your home to help find the right buyer for your house. My marketing program has proven to produce great results and happy clients. Click on the links below to view a series of graphs containing information you might not want to miss.

Total Days On Market:
The number represents how long your home will be on the market prior to it’s sale.  In today’s hot real estate market, it’s not uncommon to see houses going under contract within a few days of hitting the market, and in many cases, a few hours.  But what does it take to get multiple offers in this market?  The answer?  That would be pricing it right and staging it correctly.

Curb Appeal & Staging

The saying holds true in Real Estate, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”  If your curb appeal stinks, face it…you’re driving qualified buyers away.  A manicured lawn, fresh mulch and flowers, a spotless front porch, and a fresh coat of paint and shiny door knob will go A LONG way with a buyer.  Curb appeal sets the stage for what the buyer is going to see inside.  A great curb appeal creates excitement and anticipation as the buyer waits for the showing agent to unlock the front door.  They WANT to see the inside of your house at that point!  When they arrive inside and see fresh, but pleasant neutral paint colors, a neatly edited house where furnishings and decor are pleasing to the eyes, leaving a buyer feeling like, “THIS IS IT,” that’s the reaction you’re after.  Our team is experienced and equipped to assist you in showcasing your house to its best!  It’s a proven fact, staged homes sell for more money in less time!

List Price vs. Sale Price:
This represents the percentage of money you received for the sale of your home based on the asking price vs. the amount actually received. Devon’s List Price to Sale Price is in the 99th percentile while the Triangle’s average is approximately 97% to 98%.

In addition, when it comes to negotiating the offer, it’s important to have someone on your side who can give you great advice. After all, you want a fair deal, right? As a seller, you want the best price and terms in the best time. Let me show you how to get just that. Expect More. Get More.

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