Dear Devon,

We really enjoyed working with you.  We appreciated the professionalism and effort you put into finding us the right home.  You listened to our needs as a buyer and met them.  The experience and advice you shared with us was so helpful.  You were knowledgeable about the whole process, which put us at ease.  Thank you for following up on every detail and making sure everything ran smoothly.

Thank you again for finding us our perfect home.  You really made our first time home buying experience an enjoyable time.  We feel lucky to have had you as our Realtor.


Okey and Hannah Wilson


I can’t tell you how pleased I was when you came to our house to present your plan for selling our house.  You immediately told me about your performance benchmarks…how long houses were on the market and what percent of the asking price they sold for.  As I told you then, I was astounded because I had shopped Realtors and asked about their performance data only to get the most peculiar responses.  They ranged from what are you talking about to who has time to calculate things like that?  Since I am very competence oriented, I was horrified by their response and enthralled by yours.  Thank you for that competence…and the fact that you met both of those benchmarks again with our sale…something another company we listed with did not do all last summer and fall!

In addition, you bring a whole host of “knowledge, services and personnel” to help with all the details of selling a house.  That is so helpful and saves both the buyer and the seller inordinate amounts of time.  I thank you for that too and the easy efficient ways of communicating with you.

Finally, you are an exceptionally fine human being, attending to the personal and ethical issues of your work with devotion.  I respect that, and find it uncommon in the world at large.  It means a lot to feel that someone has each person’s best interest at heart and I thank you for that too.

SO you made the sale of our house much easier than it might have been otherwise, and you met our goals for a quick sale and closing.  Since I am a retired NCSU professor and know you were an NCSU student, that gives me just one more reason to be extra proud of your competence.  Many, many thanks…and we’ll be looking for you to retire in Florida along with us one day!  Best wishes for your continuing personal and professional success.

Bettye Wilcox

I first met Devon during the 2004 Parade of Homes.  She was so friendly and made a wonderful first impression.  Over the next year, she occasionally called me or mailed me information on buying a home.  The information she gave be was very helpful in getting me to the point where I would be able to purchase my own home.  She impressed me so much that I knew that when I was finally ready to take this step she would be my Realtor of choice.  Working with her, the process was flawless.  I had no worries during the entire process.  It felt good to know I had her in my corner.  not only did I find a great Realtor, but I also feel that I’ve made a friend.

Thanks Devon.  It has been a wonderful experience working with you.

Donna Sanford

We would definitely recommend Devon  to other buyers and sellers!  If we are able to buy again in the Raleigh area, we will definitely be using Devon as our agent!

Scott and Andrea Junior

My husband and I were wanting to help our daughter buy a townhouse in Cary or Raleigh, and we were fortunate to find such a Realtor as Devon.  She was very knowledgeable, and she was very available when we called with questions.  If she was in the middle of something, she would get right back with us.  She was willing to go the extra mile to meet our needs.  When there was something that need to be taken care of at the townhouse on the day of closing, Devon immediately go on the phone to take care of the situation.  I will definitely seek out Devon if I need the services of a Realtor in the future.


Frances Moore

I am writing to let you know how pleased I was with Devon whom I used as my Realtor in selling my home this year.  She was always very professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and at all times, helpful to me.  I was in the process of planning my wedding and moving into another home while working long hours and attending conferences for my job.  Devon was most valuable to me when a situation came up that needed immediate attention.  She understood that I could not always be available on short notice, and on more than one occasion I found that Devon was often working on solving the problem before I was even notified.  She was always very resourceful and knew whom she needed to contact when I, or a potential buyer, had questions.

Devon was always friendly and cheerful to work with, and most importantly responded quickly to all of my calls.  Even the closing went quickly and smoothly; the entire process was at all times very organized and relaxed.

Devon continues to surprise me with follow-up calls and always offers any assistance she can provide.  This is a true example of her very caring and warm personality.

I have already recommended Devon to friends, co-workers, and acquaintances and will continue to do so in the future.  My husband and I plan to call on Devon when we consider our next move.  We will not forget all that she has done for us.


Kathy Millham-Tian, RN

Devon Broughton has been a wonderful asset in finding our new home.  She has explained everything in terms that we would understand.  Devon walked us through all the steps in buying our first home.

Devon worked with our schedules at all times in this process, making us feel like we were her only clients.

Devon is friendly and open.  She showed us every house we thought that we would like.  She gave us her honest opinions of each place and explained the process simply.  She also met with us for a second viewing of the home that we ended up purchasing and allowed us to bring in other people to look things over.

We have recommended Devon to others and will continue to do so.  This whole process has gone much smoother than expected.  We have had a wonderful experience purchasing our first home.

Thanks you so much.


Keith and Melissa Southern

I am writing to share with you the wonderful experience my wife and I had with our Realtor, Devon Broughton.  We recently purchased our first home and we are terribly pleased with the house itself, what we paid for it, and how smoothly the process went.

We knew little to nothing about how to go about buying the house and were in desperate need of help and guidance.  Devon was exceptional at guiding us through the process, and informing us of everything we needed to know along the way.  I am a tough customer to please and ask a lot of questions of anyone I work with.  I am someone who wants help taking care of things, but want to understand everything that is going on.  In other words, I can be a bit of a pain in the neck!  Devon handled me and all of my questions remarkably well!!  She was very knowledgeable about most everything, and what she did not already know she quickly studied-up on and came to have command of the subject.  Devon always made it clear to us what was happening and why.  She always presented our options to us very clearly allowing us to make our own decisions.  She was very good at not imposing her own tastes and judgments on us, but was also very good at offering her opinion when it was asked for.

Most importantly, Devon was simply very pleasant to work with.  She was always timely in accomplishing her tasks, and responded quickly to all of our calls.  She always made us feel that our interests were her own, and that she was always looking out for them.  When we hit any bumps in the road, she smoothed them out, and handled everything calmly and with a smile.  I could not imagine an easier and more satisfying first-time home buying experience, and I have Devon to thank for this.  I would recommend her to anyone.


Vincent Melomo, Ph.D.

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