Broughton Real Estate Agency, Inc. was founded by Devon Broughton in July 2009.  It was founded on a rich family history in the Raleigh area. Through agricultural and farming, educational, political, and real estate endeavors, the Broughtons have carved a well-known family name in the Raleigh area for many, many years.  It is evident the Broughtons have invested in their local community for well over a hundred years

The pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit of the Broughton family has made them leaders in their community.  Some of the family leaders include our Great Uncle J. Melville, who was Governor and Senator of North Carolina in the 1940s and ran for President of the United States.  J. Melville contributed many things to our wonderful state ranging from better teacher pensions to the traditional nine month school calendar, better healthcare for the mentally ill (Broughton Hospital was built and named after him), better roadways (he was dubbed as the “Good Roads Governor”), and breakthroughs with aeronautical engineering (Broughton Hall and Broughton Street were named after him at North Carolina State University).  Devon’s grandfather recalled having lunch on Sundays under the large oak tree on the family farm, as he made a point to stay connected with our large family in the area.

Needham Broughton made headway in the educational sector and the first high school in Raleigh was named after him, Needham Broughton High School. It remains one of Raleigh’s most prestigious high schools in the area.

Devon’s great grandfather owned a 4,000 acre family farm in Garner, where her grandfather grew up with his 16 brothers and sisters.  They produced typical North Carolina crops: soy beans, corn, tobacco, and cotton.  He used to tell Devon stories of riding the wagon, pulled by mules and loaded with crops, to downtown Raleigh on Old Garner Road to deliver goods.  The Broughton Family has also been very generous throughout years and donated land to the United Methodist Church of Garner, still there today.

Growing up, Devon was surrounded by a family of small business owners, as her grandfather owned a furniture business, her uncle owns a real estate construction business, and her parents owned a rental property business.


Devon has now established her own boutique real estate firm assisting buyers, sellers, and landlords for property management.

Based on the principles Devon learned from her grandfather and her parents, she continues her family heritage.  Devon learned that running a business is based on simple principles: treating people with respect, working with utmost integrity, and having a “no-quit” attitude to get the job done.  From her rich family history and the timeless values she learned, her desire was to continue the family name and Broughton Real Estate Agency, Inc. was born.

Broughton Agency, Inc. operates solely in the residential sector, representing buyers, sellers, and property management for landlords.  We look forward to assisting you in realizing your real estate goals!  After all, history does repeat itself, so team yourself with a proven leader.

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